:::NOIR::: Aegon The Conquer Crown@The Final Winter

comet. + night princessy horns + {ice}@The Final Winter

-Elemental- 'White Walker' Animated Eyes  *AddMe @Enchantment

[NC] - Atlantis Avanger - Belt Black - Belleza
[NC] - Atlantis Avanger - Boot Black L - Belleza
[NC] - Atlantis Avanger - Boot Black R - Belleza
[NC] - Atlantis Avanger - Bracer Black L - Belleza
[NC] - Atlantis Avanger - Bracer Black R - Belleza
[NC] - RARE - Atlantis Avanger - Cape Black - Belleza
[NC] - ULTRARARE - Atlantis Avanger - Suit - Belleza
/-VALKYR-/ Veneficus Mask


-Elemental- 'Blaze' Whitewalker Skin Appliers *AddMe@The Final Winter


{C&C} Wynter's Keep@The Final Winter

Native -  Luke Sneakers All Colors@Uber

RKKN. Remi's Waist Shirt FatPack/Belleza Jake
RKKN. Sasha's Hat w/Hair Brunettes&Reds/Catwa/Lelutka
RKKN. Sasha's Suspenders FatPack/Belleza Jake

--ANHELO-M58CD-195GA :: cocktail drum@mainstore

Camdem - Season Change - 7.Lil Tiny Cactus RARE@Shiny shabby
Camdem - Season Change - 1.Devil's Ivy Long RARE@Shiny shabby
Camdem - Season Change - 2.Devil's Ivy Short RARE@Shiny shabby
Camdem - Season Change - 8.Cool Cactus RARE@Shiny shabby
Camdem - Season Change - 3.Fluffy RARE@Shiny shabby
Camdem - Season Change - 6.Jardiniere RARE@Shiny shabby

Nutmeg. Bike White&Stickers w/Static Anims

<Kalback> Letterman Jacket M5_Yellow (Jake)@TMD

lock&tuft - fall

The Owl. A breath of Freshness. Impossible
Wear//andika-Him Take away Galato


andika[Glato Dispenser Set] @mainstore (group Gift)

andika[Gelato/take it easy]dispenser
andika[Gelato Plate]Decor/2Li

andika[Take away Box]Decor/2Li

[CX] Ostium Impaler Ears@mainstore

[CX] Conjuration - Silver / Rings ( Jake )@Eclipse Event

[CX] Scarred Bridge (Silver) ...group gift

REPRESENT - The Berzerk Cargo "Belleza M (v2), Fatpack"@TMD

Face Tattoo

duckie . under eye scar [[ ADD ME ]]@TMD

body tattoo
-[TWC]- Bad Dog *OMEGA*

::GB::Take off Hoodie / FATPACK@Man Cave

::GB::Take off Hoodie B (Belleza) RED

::GB::Asymmetric jacket set / FATPACK@TMD
  ::GB:: Pocket Saruel (Belleza)  B/LG
  Included the pants. limited price & the limited color sell at only TMD.

Modulus - Caden Hair Right@Man Cave


[MB] KAISEKI -Satsuki (May)- Full Set@6º Republic Event

[MB] DAIKOKU BEER glass dispaly


[MB] KAISEKI -Meimeizara(Deish)-

[MB] KAISEKI -Meimeizara(Dish)- single


[MB] ZAISU -Mokume(natural wood)-  2019

[MB] ZATAKU -Keyaki(Zelkova)-

[MB] ZENSAI -Satsuki(May)-  Display

[MB] KAISEKI -Waribashi- Display
  ** Full set gift
    Exclusive Gift " Waribashi" (disposable hashi) and empty dishes included

::GB::Asymmetric jacket set / FATPACK@TMD

::GB::Asymmetric jacket set* (Black T) (Belleza) Navy

BlankLine GlassesGACHA-01 [RARE]x@TMD


[VEX] Baguette Bracelet Black@TMD

amias - RENZO pack
Modulus - Easton Hair Right

[CX] Conjuration Set @ Eclipse Event

[CX] Conjuration Claws - Silver / Scales w. Rings ( Jake )
[CX] Mara's Bind (Black)@mainstore
[CX] x -TWC- // Tritium Slave Collar - Red (Onyx)@Mainstore
[CX] Peeper Earrings

+ Mortal Harvest Mantle + {egosumaii}@ Eclipse Event

+ Mortal Harvest Mantle (size M) + {egosumaii}
+ Mortal Harvest Mantle / Torn Cape (size M) + {egosumaii}
+ Basic Devil Horns + {aii}@mainstore

[NC] - Dark Fury @The Fantasy Collective

[NC] - Dark Fury - Belt - Black/Silver - Belleza
[NC] - Dark Fury - Boots - Black/Silver - Belleza
[NC] - Dark Fury - Bracers - Black/Silver - Belleza
[NC] - Dark Fury - Chestplate - Black/Silver - Belleza
[NC] - Dark Fury - Leg Greaves - Black/Silver - Belleza
[NC] - Dark Fury - Pants - Black/Silver - Belleza
[NC] - Dark Fury - Pauldrons - Black/Silver - Belleza

-[TWC]- Draco Hands (add unpack)

GUTCHI // Zombie Aviator "Belleza"@TMD

REPRESENT - The Berzerk Cargo "Belleza M (v2), Fatpack"@TMD


Ana Poses - Windhoek@TMD

Ana Poso - Windhoek 2

-DRD- Converted Tram - Full Set  @Eclipse event

DISORDERLY. / Party South / @Collabor88

DISORDERLY. / Party South / Single / Tall Cactus 3@Collabor88
DISORDERLY. / Party South / Big Group

amias - EGINO ring RARE 1 L - Belleza JakeTMD
amias - EGINO ring RARE 2 L - Belleza JakeTMD

12. RIOT / Fire & Ice Set - Jake - Burlap Pants - Slate
23. RIOT / Fire & Ice Set - Jake - Leather Boots Black
1. RIOT / Fire & Ice Set - Jake - The Knight Coat - Black RARE
21. RIOT / Fire & Ice Set - Jake - The Knight's Golden Hand


wear//andika andika[ Regal Dragon Tea Set]Full@Enchantment 

andika[ Regal Dragon Tea Set/coffee

andika[ Regal Dragon Tea Set/dragon cake

andika[ Regal Dragon Tea Set/Dragon Fruits

andika[ Regal Dragon Tea Set/plate set

[NC] - -The Round Table V3 (WEAR ME!)
[Black Bantam] Baby Dragon 08
[Black Bantam] Baby Dragon 08
Nutmeg. Disarray Wooden Candlestick 2
*pm* Roman Incense Burner: Terra Cotta - Bowl/Smoke

-[TWC]- Proud Beard -Gold-TMD

-[TWC]- Proud septum -Gold-TMD

amias - EGINO gacha @ TMD
amias - EGINO bracelet 1 L - black
amias - EGINO bracelet 2 L - black
amias - EGINO ring RARE 1 L - Belleza Jake
amias - EGINO ring RARE 2 L - Belleza Jake


THIS IS WRONG VVITCH tattoo@Eclipse Event (start May 13th 


Animosity - 118 Pose Pack w.PropTMD

Animosity - 118-2

Animosity - Battle Axe (Left Hand)  prop
Animosity - Battle Axe (Right Hand) Pose 1,2  prop

GABRIEL / Cyber punk Gacha@Cyberpunk Fair

9.::GB::Cyber Bangle (Belleza) Silver
6.::GB::Cyber Boots (Belleza) Silver
3.::GB::Cyber Elysion Pants (Belleza) Silver
1.::GB::Cyber Elysion Vest  /  RARE

Raven Bell Evan Hair [Mirrored]@TMD

L'Emporio&PL ::*Perseo *::-Monocular-(Touch Resize)@Cyberpunk Fair

[ContraptioN] SK3LET0 Series Prosthetic Arm *???* JAKE R

[V-Tech]Sgt. Liza - Armgun(L) RARE

#Cranked# Backdrop Cyberpunk 2077@Cyber punk Fair


Bleich - Chunky Alex [M Belleza Flat]@Anthem Event
TORI TORRICELLI // Alec Beach Shirts // Jake@TMD
TORI TORRICELLI // Alec Beach Shorts // Jake@TMD

Modulus - Easton Hair Right

K&S - // Nathan //  2
K&S - // Coffee cup (prop)


:::NOIR::: Faith Necklace@Fameshed(group gift)

Legal Insanity - Diego black bandana Jake@Fameshed(group gift)
Legal Insanity - Massimo denim shorts Jake@Fameshed

Modulus - Nicolai Hair Right@Fameshed
Modulus - Visor - Red@Fameshed (group gift)

/ WRONG / Bento SIT Static Male Poses - 16

[ContraptioN] Gavin's Frock *HEADMASTER*  BOXED@Fantasy Faire 2019

[ContraptioN] Maskineri II Eye *???* BOXED
[ContraptioN] Masks: The Iron Death *???* BOXED

[ContraptioN] SK3LET0 Series Prosthetic Arm *???* BOXED

L'Homme Magazine SL May 2019  

Poseidon Nazgul Complete 1-6@Fantasy Faire 2019
Nazgul 4M

L'Homme Magazine SL May 2019