+HILU+2016 summer(M)@JAPONICA

+HILU+2016 summer(M)___2@JAPONICA

.Shi : Ethereal .
.Shi : Scepter Add-on
[ContraptioN] Masks: Raijin *default* mouth
[CX] Ironclad Claws (Black) 
[CX] Male Fang Geta
[CX] Prayer Beads Necklace (Black)
[CX] Raijin's Drums

striped mocha - hanging lotuses - purple

+HILU+MAIKO(white) @JAPONICA和物市  (JULY 1st~)

** 購入特典付き**
どの着物に特典が入ってるかは秘密( ̄b ̄)
purchase bonus
It is a secret which kimono there is bonus to

Astralia - Sveva headpiece
Astralia - Sveva headpiece butterflies addon

*TKW* Talvikki [Fitted Boobs 1]
C L A Vv. Sacred Geta Wood Male RARE

striped mocha - hanging lotuses - purple
striped mocha - lotus candle holder - purple
.:^AY^:.Yokai Monogatari *Natu RARE


sudden shower

::GB:: Wet shirt 2016 @Kustom 9
+Spellbound+ Straw Fedora (Unrigged)
Action Inkubator HAIR Steve
Addams // Denim Short w/ Belt // M
**RE** Raven Watch B - Male
[ kunst ] - Summer bracelets (M)@UBER


Kalopsia - Vintage Dune Buggy - Decor @UBER
Performer ; Kamo[BAROQUED]
                    Kai Wirsing[show CLUB Ärty] : "AYAKASHI "
                    Fair Saeed[Re:on]: "sagisou""sairuiu'

Official Blog: baroquedeventjaponica.slmame.com

I am participating a show for Japonica Japanese merchandise event . The show is scheduled a night before the event starts. All Japanese themed performances.

★ OPEN ★
Sunday June 26th.2016 am06:30(SLT)


(closed until June 26)

[Please note]
Avatar counts on the SIM is 60 Max.
Please no facelights - reduce your scripts as following.

Max script count : 30. Max script memory : 1M.
Please keep you scripts before you get in.
There is a script-gate at the entrance.

・Our show uses light effects extensively to make our 
performance enjoyable to everyone. 
Please remove face lights or any items use light resources.

Kai Wirsing's performance at this show uses Subtitle HUD (for English speakers).
Looking forward to see you all.

Fair Saeed "sairuiu'
Fair Saeed "sagisou"

Kai Wirsing "AYAKASHI"
Perfect wave - Hair Fair Photo Contest 2016

Hair Fair Photo Contest2016
Hairstyle - NO_PAST
Hairstore - no.match

BLANK LINE – outfit @ MOM
**RE** ReVoX Savage Watch

Black Cats poses - Perfect wave

:::c*C*c:::Geek-TShirts (Fitmesh) @GeekTopia

:::c*C*c:::Geek-TShirts (Fitmesh) @GeekTopia June 19- To July 3.2016 coming soon

AMERIE M - Rollup Skinny(Black)
BALACLAVA!! Threefold Bracelet (Arizona)
BALACLAVA!! Wonder Lilah - Jet Pack (black)
[Gos] Low Top - unrigged comic 

Mikunch Animal Costume Mini 1/ Exotic Short Hair 1@The Arcade



+HILU+head koromo(rig/no rig)


head (add on)
HIMO long(add on)

+HILU+ Cow


Tanabata (The Star Festival) : The Star Festival is derived from the legend of Vega and the Alter, who are separeted by the Milky Way


When Altair(hikoboshi) met Vega(orihime), they were attracted each other.  Then two people have been absorbed in love.  

They did not work in love absorbedly, and the clothes of people became poor, and disease has spread over the cow.  

The King got angry and separated them by the Milky Way.  

However, he felt they that feel sorry.  
And he allowed them to meet only on night of July 7th.
ROQUAI Boxer Boy @ MainStore

ROQUAI boxer b4
ROQUAI's Boxing Glove  (AIO)

The colors can be changed by a menu that pops up, as you touch the left glove, which are also mod/copy.

For a limited time (June 12th - 19th), there will be a 50% off the regular special on all the boxer sets at the NEW IW mainstore location. Save even more as you get the AIO pack. It offers all color choices for the price of 2.

[Since1975] - Boxing Ring (Mystery item)

/ XIAJ / Long Shorts 

::GB::Vintage Suit @The Vintage Fair 2016

::GB::Vintage Suit / Gray @The Vintage Fair 2016
::GB::Vintage Suit / Black @The Vintage Fair 2016
::GB::Leather shoes / Black @The Vintage Fair 2016
Le Morte - BunBun Mask - Black
:::Phoenix:::  Leon Hair
[ContraptioN] The Saboteur's Claw

[NC] - Baroque Chair @ Totally Top Shelf
[NC] - Baroque Table @ Totally Top Shelf

[ContraptioN]&[CX] The Hidden Theatre


::GB::Drape vest  (TMP) Black @TMD

::GB::Drape vest  (TMP) Black @TMD NEW
::GB:: Skart with pants & Boots (M) (TMP) Black @TMD NEW
**RE** Raven Watch A - Male
AITUI - Rocker Bracelet - Black, v1 
C L A Vv.  Apoc Earphone Black (mod)@The Arcade  NEW
C L A Vv. Apoc Arm Radio Black @The Arcade  NEW
C L A Vv. Apoc Radio Necklace Black @The Arcade  NEW
C L A Vv. Apocalypse Musical Shoulder Cat Black (add) RARE @The Arcade  NEW
TABOU. Grunge Gloves BLACK 

OF: Artform - Nothing Is Random
L'Etre - Photography background [#5]

“Touch and Go”

[NC] - Steampunk Goggles@ WE LOVE ROLEPLAY NEW(5th JUNE~)
[NC] - Aviator Hat (Brown) - (WEAR ME!)
[NC] - Steampunk Leather Wings - Brown 

:::Phoenix:::  Leon Hair
:ENIGMA: Smuggler Belt [Rigged/WIDE] brown
:ENIGMA: Smuggler Pants Wide Brown 
RO - Last Stand - Boot MOD-0 - RARE
RO - Mercenary Guild - Gloves - Reloaded - RARE
[LAB737] Lower Vambrace 
[LAB737] Pauldron 

DRD Gazebo rusted
MadPea WPF Stanley Steampig V3 - RARE (wear)..gacha
HIDEKI - Steampunk Spider...gacha
HIDEKI - Steampunk Water Tank Fountain...gacha

The Night Circus

ROQUAI poses. Star 1-3 @{Pose Lover}
ROQUAI moon 3

{Pose Lover} release with -25% (31st May -14th June)

Zibska ~ Thorir Full Vs. Rare @ FGC
C L A Vv. Urban Jester Beanie
~Tableau Vivant~ Leather skinnies - Gents 
::LW:: Fool Cuff :: BLACK :: 
::LW:: Fool shoe :: Black ::

[White~Widow] Demolition

{Reverie}#5 - Moon Wooden Scene @The Arcade
{Reverie}#7 - Vintage Knife Wheel @The Arcade
{Reverie}#8 - Joker HaHa Knife Wheel @The Arcade
Astralia - Angelik rock guitar@RockAttudeFair

Astralia - Angelik rock guitar @RockAttitudeFair(june 4~ NEW!!  COMING SOON 

::TI:: Grunge Face straps - Black Silver @The dark style fair
TABOU. Grunge Gloves BLACK @ The Dark style fair
C L A Vv. Leather Band Sleeves Black
C L A Vv. Leather Hoodie Cap Black (Material) 
C L A Vv. Locked Leather String
Legal Insanity - butch black jeans 

Heaven's Gate
[NC] - The Witch King Mask @RFL of SL - Castle. Home & Garden Contest NEW
[NC] - L of W Bracers - Berserk Black scales  @ FGC NEW
[NC] -Ercole pauldrons 
[NC] - Leather Belt
[NC] - Noble Cloak (MALE++)

:ENIGMA: Smuggler  Pants Black
:ENIGMA: Smuggler Belt [Rigged/WIDE] black

[NC] - Decoration Ruins
[NC] - (LIGHT) Simple Swords Wall
Air_Lacrima ligno_gold @Whimsical NEW
Air_Ave ligno_silver @CCB NEW
striped mocha - lotus candle holder @ TFC NEW