Performer ; Kamo[BAROQUED]
                    Kai Wirsing[show CLUB Ärty] : "AYAKASHI "
                    Fair Saeed[Re:on]: "sagisou""sairuiu'

Official Blog: baroquedeventjaponica.slmame.com

I am participating a show for Japonica Japanese merchandise event . The show is scheduled a night before the event starts. All Japanese themed performances.

★ OPEN ★
Sunday June 26th.2016 am06:30(SLT)


(closed until June 26)

[Please note]
Avatar counts on the SIM is 60 Max.
Please no facelights - reduce your scripts as following.

Max script count : 30. Max script memory : 1M.
Please keep you scripts before you get in.
There is a script-gate at the entrance.

・Our show uses light effects extensively to make our 
performance enjoyable to everyone. 
Please remove face lights or any items use light resources.

Kai Wirsing's performance at this show uses Subtitle HUD (for English speakers).
Looking forward to see you all.

Fair Saeed "sairuiu'
Fair Saeed "sagisou"

Kai Wirsing "AYAKASHI"