CHOUBA          /////////////// [[RH]] CHOUBA information /////////////////
"CHOUBA" is Japanese style accounting counter in shop and hotel
  [[RH]] CHOUBA series furniture is very traditional style and it will fit not only for shop but
  also for you house.

  All item is 100% original MESH
  All animation is original 

                                     @The Season Story  

[[RH]] CHOUBA -Koushi-

[[RH]] CHOUBA -Zenibako- (Money Box)   LI 1The Season Story


 Strongly built box which has wide open slot in top to catch money.

  [[RH]] CHOUBA -Table-   LI 1

  [[RH]] CHOUBA -Hibachi-  (Stove)   LI1

     Japanese style stove with iron kettle
     This iron kettle called " Tetsubin" is most popular item in old time Japan
   [[RH]] CHOUBA -Zabuton-  (Cushion)    LI 1

     Zabuton (Cushion) with 10 poses for store keeper

   [[RH]] CHOUBA -Tuitate-   (Screen)    LI 3
   [[RH]] CHOUBA -Soroban-       LI 1
      "Siriban" is Japanese abacus widely used all over Japan till
 [[RH]] CHOUBA -Suzuri-           LI 1

      Suzuri (inkstone) and Fude (brush) is the writing instruments used for Japanese calligraphy
   [[RH]] CHOUBA -Daifukuchou-  LI 1
      "Daifukuchou! is the Japanese accounting note for shop
   [[RH]] CHOUBA -Tatami - REZ    LI 1


   [[RH]] CHOUBA -Tuitate- (FUKU) FATPACK Gift

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