+HILU+ short haori wasou/black@JAPONICA

WINTER SONG +HILU+short haori wasou/black@JAPONICA
'S O U E N' Suzune Horn' Awai@JAPONICA
Air_Kazura A01_Tail (ADD)_white@JAPONICA
Air_Kazura A01_white(resize script)@JAPONICA
c*C*c::: Folding fan-LinWhite-Dark@JAPONICA
DDD_Rough rope Snood@JAPONICA

*N*(BOY) - Sakura Petal forearm L(Blue)
*N*(BOY) - Sakura Petal forearm R(Blue)
*N*(BOY) - Sakura Petal LowerLeg L(Blue)
*N*(BOY) - Sakura Petal LowerLeg R(Blue)
*N*(BOY) - Sakura Petal Wing L(Blue)
*N*(BOY) - Sakura Petal Wing R(Blue)
:::Breath:::Gothic TABI shoes(L)


+Half-Deer+ Sakura Petals

ROQUAI's Arrival (GG) @ IW Store

To be found underneath the Tree, for a limited time available (27th Dec. - 5th Jan.) to group members,
my Thank You and best wishes for the years.
I know for many 2016 wasn't in fact an easy one to go with and the next is still to come.
These holidays, I'd like to gift a pose, that to me suits the occasion well
and I hope you'll find joy with.