★★★Greetings and Little things about the exhibition★★★

★★★Greetings and Little things about the exhibition★★★

Thank you so much for having interest in the performance event we will be running at LEA7.
The main performer, me, Kai Wirsing is the owner of the dance club "team Ä・S・H”. I regularly perform show dances once in a month at team Ä・S・H. Known as theatrical dance performer, I love to make one off episode kind of story dances. Done numerous stages in the past years. I am so grateful for this tremendous opportunity to present my performance at here in LEA7. I would like to thank all LEA people gave me this opportunity, also people who helping me. Please, come and see my performance.

This is a little note about when you watch my performance.

★The region is set to 40 avatars at max. We recommend to come to the SIM 30 minutes before the show to load textures and pre-load animations runing in behind.

★We have a script check gate at the entrance.
We will be limiting scripts to 1.5M & 35 scripts at max per person. If your scripts exceed the limit you will not be able to enter. Please, keep it low lag and enjoy the show.

★The show is camera-scripted. Your camera will be controlled by the show. When you take the seat, please press SHIFT+9 key then Esc key to set the camera default and release the camera control to the show. We recommend drawing distance to be 120m+. If the drawing distance is rather shorter, some of builds in the stage may not be rendered. Also, keep the face-lights off!

★The show uses subtitle HUD both in English and Japanese.
When you come to the SIM please get the HUD from vendor, attach it and have a seat.

★The SIM will be closed to public every Thursday for rehearsals and maintenance.

I hope we have full hour of entertainment with all of you!!
We greatly look forward to everyone come to the SIM.

Kai Wirsing


このたびはLEA7 で行なわれるパフォーマンスイベントに興味をおもちくださいましてどうもありがとうございます。
今回パフォーマンスを行なうKai Wirsingは、team Ä・S・Hというダンスクラブのオーナーをしています。月1回、そちらでショーダンスを披露しています。得意な演目は芝居演目です。1話完結を得意とし,いくつかの芝居演目を披露してきました。今回、LEA7にて自分の演目を発表できることを心から喜んでいます。発表の機会を与えてくれたLEAの方々、応援してくれた関係者の方々には感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。是非、私の演目をご覧になってください。



会場内はスクリプトを1.5M スクリプト数35個の制限をしております。それオーバーすると入場することができません。スクリプトをおさえてご来場ください。




Kai Wirsing
LEA7 にて
ヴィセッチの作ったゲートを早速置いてみました! 少し様になってきたかな!